Alderley & Newmarket Foodie Haunts: Brisbane’s Eat Streets

Miss Claudes Crepes

Alderley and Newmarket are quaint residential suburbs just north of the city of Brisbane. They are interesting for its historical pre-war and post-war homes in Queenslander Architecture style. While you are on your way exploring the beauty of these places and what they have to offer, we share to you our list of Alderley & Newmarket Foodie Haunts to complement your trip. And we call this our dark horse list. They may not have landed a spot on Yelp’s recommendation of ten best restaurants, but we are not surprised if they will be in the future.

Miss Claudes Crepes Newmarket

light, soft and wafer-thin, Miss Claudes Crepes delivers the delectable heritage of traditional French crepes in every bite. While the most popular crepe is the Nutella Combo – a sweet confection of crepes topped with banana, strawberries and vanilla ice-cream drizzled with choc-hazelnut spread – Miss Claudes is more than a dessert destination. The secret batter, fresh seasonal ingredients and inspired toppings all make for consistently great sweet and savoury crepes that attract diners from far and wide. After enjoying your sweets, this town still has you covered. It is also home to this well-known cosmetic dentist Alderley people have spread the word about. And as they say, the word of mouth is a your greatest review source.

Website: Miss Claudes Crepes

Siri Thai Restaurant

Siri Thai Restaurant is a family-owned business that has been serving authentic Thai food for over 15 years. Their goal has always been to provide the best Thai food without compromising quality or price point. When you visit, don’t forget to try the Pad Thai, curry puff and coconut rice – our all time favourites!

Website: Siri Thai Restaurant

Golder Wood Teppanyaki

This place is for the fun and yum! The head chef puts on a show that is really entertaining – with all the laughs and the spills . This restaurant will fill you with laughter and great food; an overall great experience for the whole family.

Website: Mobile Teppanyaki

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