Mobile Phone Etiquette in Cafes & Restaurants

Mobile Phone Etiquette Cafe Brisbane

Brisbanites love their cafes and why wouldn’t they? Brisbane Cafes have that relaxed ambiance – air conditioned, free Wi-Fi, comfy couches, plus the aromatic smell of espresso in the air. It’s the perfect spot to unwind and meet with friends and families to catch up. However, due to its popularity and the increasing amount of mobile phone users, the guidelines of what’s appropriate and what’s indecorous can be a bit unclear to others.

Rude mobile phone users in cafés and restaurants are quite common and some of them don’t even realize what they’re doing. Could you be one of them?

How many times have we been subjected to listen to other people’s private conversations in a café or in a public place? It’s just astounding how when in the heat of the moment, people forget where they are and start discoursing personal information within earshot of everyone. No shame? It’s totally unprofessional and embarrassing.

Some people can be just downright obnoxious and have no respect for others which is exactly why guidelines are needed to be laid down. It’s time to create some social order out of the mobile phone chaos we are facing in this technical revolution.

To make sure you do not annoy anyone, here are some mobile phone etiquette guidelines to remember when in a café or a restaurant…

  • First things first, basic good manners require you to be mindful of your surroundings so, mobile phones should be turned off or put in silent mode whenever you are in a café or an enclosed space. And the best thing about turning off your phone is that it lessens your exposure to mobile phone radiation.
  • Sometimes we don’t realize how loudly we talk when we’re on our phones so, when receiving an important call, keep your voice as low as possible and use a conversational tone so you don’t become that annoying person who becomes the topic of everyone’s banter.
  • Many people are growing dependent on their mobile phones, but please don’t be obsessed and overly attached to them, it simply isn’t healthy.
  • Don’t put your phone on a café or restaurant table. Keep it hidden, in your bag or in your coat. If it rings, you’ll hear it just as well if it’s tucked away someplace else.
  • Cafes are enclosed spaces and it’s more acceptable to receive and send text messages rather than make a call or answer a call, just make sure you use the vibrate feature so that you don’t distract other patrons.

Practically everyone these days own a mobile phone and at times it can feel impossible to live without it. It’s important to have etiquette governing mobile phone use so that we don’t upset others around us. Try to always be considerate and show courtesy to others and hopefully, you’ll receive it in return.