Spoon Deli Cafe East Brisbane

Spoon Deli Cafe

A warm and sunny place to stay available at Spoon Deli Café East Brisbane. Their warm atmosphere and ambience is perfect for a relaxing afternoon with you and your friends or loved ones. Start conversations and discussions while enjoying a warm cup of coffee served at their store. You can also go for a heavy meal with their lunch menu with their something on the side options. This adds an extra layer of depth to their dishes as customers can mix and match different sidings.

Spoon Deli Cafe East Brisbane

Spoon at East Brisbane is unique in the locality with its sophisticated lounge atmosphere and setting in a residential/commercial complex. It is popular as the location for informal business meetings, coffee gatherings, social lunches and afternoon food and refreshments.

Spoon Deli Cafe menus

The best coffee and food in East Brisbane. A great place to meet. Spoon offers a unique dining experience with a stylish eating solution for every occasion dining out and catering for special events, parties, private and corporate functions.

Here are some of their finest recipes:

Red wine onions, cheddar cheese, horseradish cream & rocket, sides on your own choice. $17.50 GFO/TA

Potato rosti, mushrooms, roasted capsicum, haloumi and smoked paprika aioli, sides on your own choice. $16.50 V/GFO/TA

Charred corn coleslaw, avocado salsa & jalapeno mayo, coriander $14.50 DFO/TA

6/33 Lytton Rd, East Brisbane QLD 4169, Australia
(07) 3891 7666