The Cat in the Yoga Hat

Lucky Cat Yoga Café
The Lucky Cat Yoga Café  16 St. Kilda Place, Annerley, Brisbane QLD 4103

Opening Hours:  Tues – Sun : 10am – 4pm  Mon: Closed

  • Bookings are recommended to avoid disappointment.
  • Light refreshments + snacks are available in the cafe
  • Kids under 8 years old are not permitted, sorry.

VISIT US: We are located behind ‘For The Riders’ bike shop, at the end of the cul-de-sac. Very limited parking is available on site. Please park on the surrounding streets. We recommend Emperor, Brisbane, Carville or Young streets.

Lucky Cat Café

Please respect our neighbours and read parking signs carefully. Cafe owner Katie Phelan has created a safe “cattic” for obsessives to find a release for their need to cuddle, coo, scratch and squeal at all things fluffy and feline. While the cafe has been tucked away in Brisbane inner suburb Annerley for a while, the yoga classes are a new addition that add a different meaning to the term “cat pose”.

Compensation Lawyers BrisbaneClass begins with a quick dose of hand sanitiser before participants are whisked upstairs and met by the furry tribe, although most are too cool, or too tubby, to come rushing over straight away.

The walls are adorned with tongue-in-cheek posters about the importance of cats and the place has a Peter Pan Lost Boys feel, with climbing platforms and roped walkways strung up between cat posts, plants, couches and cat toys.

As mats are rolled out, humans are introduced to each of the 10 in-house residents, all of which have come from Brisbane Valley Cat Rescue.

Participants take photos with the cats as Lulu the tabby performs a running skid across the wooden floors, ending up on her back, legs poised, ready for scratches from a nearby unsuspecting human.

The lights dim and as Iris Siix from Iris Yoga asks the class to close their eyes and be aware of their breath, a scratching can be heard from the back of the room. It’s 10-year-old ginger cat Henry, who has become so relaxed he has to relieve himself in a nearby kitty tray. Giggles are stifled as Iris guides the class to centre themselves and choose a mantra to focus on. The positions aren’t too strenuous and allow everyone to incorporate a chin scratch of a nearby cat into each pose.

Lucky Cat Café

The class of 10 doesn’t have to stray too far from their mats, given most of the felines at the cafe don’t know the term “personal space” and often plonk themselves underneath and in between the twist of limbs – good for those who looking for an excuse to get out of a harder position.

The youngest members of the “cattic” are a brother and sister duo who hold everyone’s attention, allowing for some amazing head and neck stretches as everyone twists and turns to keep an eye on them.

Halfway through the practice a fellow yogi breaks pose to go and curl up to a cat in the corner of the room and get a selfie, but the teacher doesn’t seem to mind and class carries on. The class wraps up about an hour later and everyone lazes around on the floor a while longer for last cuddles before they head home, calm and content.

While this class may not be for everyone who wants to unite the mind, body and spirit, it does give you the chance to roll around on the floor with some pretty amazing felines and unwind.