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Lakeview Cafe and General Store is a sanctuary of delicious coffee, food and takeaway products from its grocer. It aims to provide food made with ingredients that are as organic and local as possible, all while providing its customers with a relaxing place to enjoy a coffee or meal.

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Bringing specialty coffee to your every day cup

Their experienced baristas rock a Naked Sanremo Café Racer utilising their house freestyle espresso blend, a mix of Brazilian and Columbian beans. Working closely with their roaster Double or Nothing Coffee Alchymists they’ve stripped back the process, the hype and commercial superficiality to a simple premise ‘great coffee’. Direct Trade from farmer to roaster and in turn to your cup. They focus on delivering fullness of body, aroma and above all vibrant flavour.

As a black style coffee their blend consists of dark chocolate, caramel, butterscotch brittle and brazil nut notes. Double or Nothing Coffee Alchymists are a small batch coffee roaster located in Tyalgum NSW. Specialising in high graded coffee.

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With Connection being a major part of what they wanted to achieve from taking over and updating ‘Lakeview’ to a true community hub, a place where locals and tourists alike can escape to.

Take a dilapidated corner store, wandering ducks, a lake & a park plus two very crazy hospo kids. They saw the potential to activate the area once more and set out on a hospitality adventure.

Neighbours who hadn’t said more than a semi ‘hi’ to each other over a fence have bumped shoulders on their doorstep, sat with coffee and for the first time truly connected with each other and solid friendships have blossomed. They invite sharing of ideas, time, stories. Firm connections that solidify with great coffee and nourishing food.

Succulently fresh muffins & pastries!

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With a strong belief that specialty coffee should be taken seriously, that the wait should be as short as possible. From the farm to your cup it’s important to them that the process is as ethical & as sustainable as possible

Food is essential to life. Quality, fresh ingredients work into their philosophy that it is possible to indulge in a perfectly delectable yet nourishing way. Keeping their dishes lighter with a handcrafted, seasonal approach with dashes of luxury from lush ingredients and care to emphasize natural flavors.

Maple Apple muffins! Fresh and piping hot to cheer your morning!

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Rave Reviews

When Dylan and Kira Rackley took over the Lakeview General Store just over four years ago, they probably had no idea exactly where it would lead. The setting was always great, in a quiet residential area with a verandah overlooking a park and lake, the couple rebranding the store as a local gourmet and organic food store with only light meals, in keeping with council regulations.

With all food made in house, it’s a well-selected, regularly changing menu to maintain fresh, seasonal and local ingredients, comprising all day and lighter breakfasts with lunches of burgers, melts and salads. Plenty to choose from!

Even dishes that appear standard are given their own twist. The Rosti stack, for example, comprises a house-made sweet potato and potato cake (for lower GI), a sweet, citrussy hollandaise on the eggs balancing the bitterness of wilted spinach.

“Why would you buy dishes in when you don’t know what’s in them?” asks Dylan, adding that even their ‘Burleigh Beans’ are made in house.


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Dylan’s talking coffee like I talk wine. He’s a keen advocate of blending science with cooking, pouring me a milk-free latte whose froths rises slowly just like a Guinness. I’ve never seen anything like it!

“Everything is a mathematical equation – taste and flavor profiles, quantities,” he tells us. “We follow recipes because it’s about maintaining high quality and consistency in our food and coffee. That’s why I’m waiting on our new coffee machine, a San Remo Café Racer – the most consistent coffee machine in the world.”

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Trading hours:

Open 7 Days

Coffee & Treats 6am til 3pm

Kitchen 7am til 1.45pm

Closed Public Holidays.


Phone: (07) 5535 9082